Air Force Academy

Colorado Springs, CO: My trip to the Air Force Academy, located in Colorado Springs, was an educational and memorable experience. There were many security guards to make sure the students were safe. Once we stepped onto the campus, it was a beautiful sight to see.

Being Colorado, there was a flurry of snow lightly falling on the pathways. The chapel reached to the sky and seemed to be singing. Even in the snow, the trees stood strong, as did the students.

Everyone matched in their camouflage Air Force uniforms. You could tell that all the students were proud to be there, and they should be. It is very difficult to get accepted to the Academy. They are not only interested in grades; you also have to exhibit excellent fitness and leadership. Getting accepted sounds like the easy part compared to what you must go through if you decide to become an undergraduate. The first week focuses on rigorous fitness challenges that are nearly impossible to complete, even if you are strong. All four years are filled with physical challenges, and sports are a necessity.

The physical requirement is minor compared to the academics needed to graduate. The Air Force is investing time and money in you, so obviously they will be monitoring your grades to make sure you succeed in every class.

Every month, the Air Force pays you $700. Unfortunately, you must buy your uniforms and school equipment, like your laptop, which operates on wireless Internet throughout the campus.

Of course, it is a military school, so there is an extreme disciplinary side, which is not right for everyone. You must choose carefully when deciding whether or not to go to the Air Force Academy. Although it may seem like a free ride, you’ll pay the government with a minimum of five years active duty as an Air Force officer.

I happen to be the kind of person who loves organization and financial security. I thoroughly enjoyed my tour of the Academy and hope that they will accept me. If you want more information, go online to