Suny Cortland

Cortland, NY: I took my college visits very seriously. I wanted to make the best use of my time, while seeing what the college could offer me – academically and socially. I am going to college to learn, but I also want to know that after studying, I won’t be bored. SUNY Cortland meets these expectations. The campus was absolutely […]

Seattle University

Seattle, WA: Seattle Universityis located in an exhilarating city and is within driving distance of the PacificOcean (only two and a half hours away). It is a private institution and one of 28Jesuit universities in the United States. The university is situated on46 beautiful acres with many new and refurbished buildings; one of the mostmagnificent is the Chapel of St. […]

University of Delaware

College Review: University of Delaware College reviews are the perfect source to find the perfect college for you. It gives you feedback of things that the college has that you may be interested in. Choosing the right college can give you more opportunities to be successful. The college that I am interested in is The University of Delaware. This is […]

Binghamton University

Binghamton, NY: The ideal university for students who want to go to a state school is Binghamton University. It was founded in 1948 as Triple Cities College, a branch of Syracuse University. In 1950, Binghamton joined the State University of New York (SUNY) system as Harpur College. Binghamton University had a 1993 enrollment of 11,997 with 9,000 undergraduates. It also […]

College of William & Mary

Williamsburg,VA: Set in the center of historic Williamsburg, the College of William and Maryabounds with acclaimed professors, eager students and vigorous academic programs.Chartered in 1693, William and Mary is the second-oldest university in the nationand has a long-held, impressive reputation for excellence. Ranked in 2000 by U.S.News and World Report as the number one small public university in the nation,William […]

Babson College

Wellesley, MA: On the outskirts of Babson College is Wellesley Center, a quaint area ofshops and small businesses. The college has only 1,700 undergraduatesbut is 30 minutes from Boston’s many activities, sports events,concerts, shops and nightlife. Babson combines the appeal of awonderfully located campus with magnificent atmosphere and remarkablefacilities. If you’re thinking about majoring in business, youshould definitely look into […]