Endicott College Beverly, MA: Endicott had a week-long program during Februaryvacation arranged by major. I plan to be a communications major so I went onTuesday. I had recently applied, but because it was an all-women’s college, I hadmy doubts. When I arrived, I was quite surprised to see men sitting there. I wasthen told that in the fall of 1994, […]

School of Visual Arts

New York, NY: Its Lower East Manhattan location puts The School of Visual Arts in the heart of all the action.Specializing in many aspects of art, it offers graduate and undergraduate degrees in advertising, animation,cartooning, computer art, film and video, fine arts, graphic design, illustration, interior design,photography, art education and art therapy. What makes SVA different from other art schools […]


University of Delaware Newark, DE: This past November I made aneight-hour drive down to the University of Delaware. I normally dislike long carrides, but something told me that this trip was one that I would both enjoy andremember for a long time to come. As I neared the campus, I began to lookfor buildings associated with the college. The first […]

Northwestern University

Evanston, IL: NorthwesternUniversity is a medium-size private university and home to 7,700 undergraduates in six schools. TheWeinberg College of Arts and Sciences is where a majority of students enroll. Other schools, some of thebest in the country, include: the Medill School of Journalism, the School of Speech, the School of Educationand Social Policy, the School of Music and the McCormick […]


Smith College Northampton, MA: An all-women’s school can sound a bit scary at first. It was only by chance that I stopped to see Smith College, which ended up being my college dream come true. Smith is known for training women as leaders with such well-known alumnae as Gloria Steinem. Smith has a picture-perfect campus with beautiful dorms that house […]

Amherst College

Amherst, MA: Yale. Harvard. Amherst College? If you haven’t heard of this school, maybe you should have. Not only is it the second bestliberal arts college according to a recent ranking, but also the fifth most selective school in thenation. I visited with a pretty closed mind, deterred by the surrounding rural area two hours fromboth Boston and New York. […]

Wesleyan University

Middletown, CT: I’ve grown up 20 minutes from WesleyanUniversity – one of the most selective colleges in the country, as well as one of the most liberal- but I never really thought about going there. Now that I’m a senior, I need to decide whereI’m going to spend the next four years. I’m in a different situation than some of […]