Spring has sprung. Summer is near! Most people are waiting for this time since the end of the last summer, especially the students. We’re all ready for some summer fun. In summer some people leave the city and go somewhere far on vacation, but they don’t realize that there are many things to do in our own city for summer fun. Summer can be filled with fun without a lot of effort & believe it or not it doesn’t cost tons of money either. Special after custom coursework writing.

As I did a survey on summer fun and asked some students that where they spend their summer and what they do to have fun. Some said they go away from the city on summer vacation and some said there are so many fun things to do in city that they think going away won’t measure the half of the fun they have in here with their friends. According to Jimmy, “In summer time me and all of my friends go to beach everyday and hang out there. Some times we go to Six Flags Great Adventure Summer is a great time to have fun with your family and friends. You can visit many fun places in the city over summer without any large expense. “I go to some places like zoo, beach, concerts, six flag and many other fun places with my friends and family to have fun over summer,” said Devin Boodrom. If you haven’t been to Central Park for long time now, this summer is the time to visit. It is one of the most celebrated attractions in New York and has so much to offer. You can make it a day trip or a quick visit to the zoo, the theatre to catch a puppet show, or play on one of the 21 playgrounds. And when you get tired, you can take a break on one of the 9,000 park benches. There are several children’s events scheduled, including a summer camp. Once in Central Park there is a Children’s Zoo that will excite you with over 1,400 types of animals. It’s located just steps from 5th Avenue and hosts a cafĂ© to enjoy a yummy lunch.

Another must see is the Bronx Zoo, located in Bronx, NY. Once you’re walking through the Congo Rain forest or visiting the famous Congolese Gorillas, you won’t believe you’re still in New York City. The zoo is open all year round but has special hours for each season.
There is another place you shouldn’t miss in this summer. It’s Coney Island one of the well known place for its famous beach and the rides in the city where most of the people of New York go there to spend their summer days. “I go to Coney Island Beach often for fun during the summer,” said Malisa. The amusement park Coney Island opens on May 23rd for the summer and includes a ton of special events all summer long, including fireworks every Friday night, starting June 23rd.

There are a number of upcoming street fairs and festivals that can provide a great day trip for a warm afternoon in Manhattan. Most fairs offer a large assortment of food, music and arts and crafts where you can go with your friends and family. You can also go to the movies and find out about special events in city and go there with your friends and family in summer.

You can also have fun around your house. Just invite your friend and hang around or you can also go for bike riding. You can go to nearby park or field with your friends and play different kinds of sports like basketball, baseball, soccer, football and cricket etc. According to Khandayla, “I go to park with my friends to play criket or basketball”. If you have your own house, you can also play in your backyards with your friends. “I play basketball with my friend in our backyard”, said Jason. You can go to your nearby beach or public pool for swim. You can also participate in many community programs over summer to have fun.


If you don’t feel like going outside or in rainy days you can invite your friends over to your house and have little parties. You can also make up games and play inside or rent movies and watch with your family and friends. “I rent movies from Hollywood Video store and watch with my family,” said Adu. You can also work on many fun projects like drawing, working on website, doing research online in computer etc.
Enjoy the summer fun before it’s gone again. You don’t need to be in any fancy place to have fun in summer. You can have the twice the fun in your own city. All you need to do is make a list what you want to do in this summer for fun and just do it. So, don’t just sit around and do nothing in this summer, do somthing and have FUN FUN FUN !!